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"Enjoy individual bursts of goodness"

— Sprinkle cupcake

It's someone's birthday why not celebrate! Our scrumptious vanilla cake filled with sprinkles topped with Italian meringue frosting and extra sprinkles on top just for you! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too! 

—  S'mores  — 

 Who doesn't love s'mores gram cracker crust topped with mouthwatering marshmallow meringue frosting drizzled with chocolate ! Sure to take you back to those child hood memories!
Triple chocolate
 Chocolate lovers rejoice! Moist dark chocolate cake filled with yummy chocolate ganache topped with a delicious chocolate frosting to finish it off! Sure to cure any sweet tooth! 
 Tropical Carrot   
Take a bite into our tropical carrot cake and be transported to the Bahamas with just one bite! Don't worry you can indulge it's made of CARROTS and some other delicious ingredients !

— Lemon Dream —

When God gives you lemon you make lemon cake! Our scrumptious lemon cake filled with sweet lemon curd, topped with cream cheese frosting will make you pucker up!
— Strawberry Delight—
Delicious mouth watering strawberry cake made with  juicy strawberries topped with a light whipped frosting one bite and you will be berry addicted!